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However, it’s something that no woman ever wants to admit, but the fact of the matter is that Caroline Manzo isn’t a spring chicken anymore.

Christie has now suspended Albert Manzo, the husband of Caroline Manzo, from the North Jersey District Water Supply Commission, saying he and another commissioner abused the public's trust.During his year in office, Christie has reined in spending by various agencies and authorities through the use of his veto pen, rejecting minutes and budgets.Not all agencies are subject to gubernatorial scrutiny, however, and many have become patronage farms for both political parties.Christie plans to sponsor a bill giving him veto power over all the authorities, but some lawmakers say they're reluctant to give Christie more power.They note that he's been able to forcibly remove several commissioners already.Mr Manzo earned a pension, state benefits, some authority and a ,500 yearly salary.

Christie also suspended Michael Cricco, who was paid for attending commission meetings while still on the clock for his ,000-a-year job at the Schools Development Authority.Here are 10 things Caroline Manzo doesn’t want you to know.Her son was arrested In 2011, reports surfaced that Caroline Manzo’s son, Albie, was arrested for his involvement in a bar fight in the Dominican Republic during the filming of a season of RHONJ.While people who choose to appear on these type of shows obviously don’t mind letting people into their lives, the cameras aren’t around all the time, and everyone still has things they’d much rather keep to themselves.Unfortunately for Manzo; however, she doesn’t have that luxury.Still, Christie says he needs the ability to veto things as they happen, so that he can prevent wasteful spending, instead of looking into to after-the-fact.'We're not going to put up with the abuses from the shadow government anymore,' Christie said.

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