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People with degrees in biotechnology can find career opportunities in pharmaceutical formulation, as bio-organic chemists and as university professors.They can apply their skills in the agriculture industry, the military, in genetic laboratories and in hospitals.

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Master of Science degrees in biotechnology will vary according to which area of biotechnology you wish to study.Opportunities for biotechnology experts are virtually limitless.There is a wide range of biotechnology related careers so it is hard to pin down a specific salary range for anyone with a biotechnology degree.These certificates can be obtained through continuing education distance learning programs and can be achieved in a relatively short time.When earned through an accredited program, these certificates may be sufficient for the holder to earn a job as a laboratory or research technician.Some may choose a Master of Science in Biotechnology Studies, which focuses on the management and the practical functionality of specific technologies in the biotechnology industry.

Others may pursue a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics, which uses computational methods to solve biological problems.There are many areas in biotechnology that require intensive study.Experts in these sub-disciplines of biotechnology are often in great demand in their specific fields.You may decide that you prefer to get their biotechnology degree at a physical college or university.Make sure that the college or university you choose actually has a biotechnology program.Distance learning programs confer certificates, associate's degrees and even bachelor's and master's degrees online.

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